Slotting themselves somewhere between an exclusive members club and a well produced festival wonderland, Birch, a modern hotel and concept work-space, is full of beautifully-finished rooms, suites, activity spaces and grounds to whisk you away from the busy day-to-day pull of our standard working lives.

I was approached by Adam of Studio AS-CC to create a range of images set in a selection of the spaces within Birch, highlighting their intended uses, but doing so in a very lighthearted, playful and elegantly stylised fashion.

With a nod to the surreal, as well as our omnipresent modern-day visual hero, Wes Anderson, we spent a fun day playing with light and shade, two great models and some unbelievable September weather to craft a set of images to bring the various accents of Birch to life.

Client: Birch

Agency: Studio AS-CC

AD: Adam Spink

Retouching: In-house

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