Over the past few years I have been exceptionally lucky to have been commissioned regularly by both the NSPCC and their sister charity, Childline. Since before the major rebrand of the NSPCC in 2014, I have worked closely with the in-house design teams to help create a large archive of imagery for the websites and various printed media of both charities.

The images we produce seek to reflect everyday children and families in situations we will easily relate to when viewed online or in print. Whilst the charities are known for helping vulnerable and neglected children, much of the work we create situates children in a wholly positive light, and should reflect the aspirational lifestyle of a child and their family once the charities have successfully been able to help.

I've put together a selection of some of my favourite images, comprised primarily of upbeat and lighthearted scenes we've created in recent years, for both the NSPCC and Childline.

Client: NSPCC / Childline

CD: Sue Hornsby

AD: Alison Bowman + Nicola Woowat + Georgina Dunn + James Coventry

Production: Still Productions + Productions Inc + MotherBran

Retouching: The Forge