Swathes of London are being redeveloped, redesigned and revisited, often as part of an ongoing process of gentrification. During this practice, many perfectly adequate homes and properties fall into disrepair.

For many landlords there is little ability to secure their property from potential downfall if they find themselves in the path of modernisation. With Dot Dot Dot's involvement and invested overseeing, there are now very careful and personal ways around this issue.

Dot Dot Dot individually vet and interview each applicant, making sure they understand the strict guidelines of becoming a guardian; someone who lives in the property for a short time, acting as a preventative measure against its misuse.

They also, however, ensure they're selecting good, wholesome people, most of whom will be expected to take part in voluntary work in the local areas, ranging from care work to litter picking. The upside is, they may decorate their spaces entirely as they see fit.

I was invited to make portraits of a selection of the current guardians across a range of social housing sites in London, including Balfron Tower, Robin Hood Gardens and the Thamesmead Estate. A joy for a lover of Brutalist architecture!!

Client: Dot Dot Dot

CD: Katharine Hibbert

AD: Alison Harvie

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