As technology continues to evolve at such a rapid rate, it's effortless and intuitive functionality becomes further simplified in the process, meaning children are becoming more capable operating smart devices at an increasingly younger age. For many parents, keeping their children safe when using the internet can be a complicated, ongoing issue.

Google have created a game and an app to help parents keep a closer eye on how and what their children browse online. Giving the parents the ability to adjust and amend the privacy settings of the child's phone or tablet remotely means the child is left to explore safely, without the worry of stumbling onto offensive, inappropriate or dangerous material.

Working alongside director Samuel Abrahams, we shot the same key talent in various parts of a family home, bringing to life the types of scenario where parents are most likely to want to help their children.

The adverts were used across all media, including public billboards and posters as well as mainstream press in various newspapers and social media.

Client: Google

Agency: 72 and Sunny Amsterdam

Production: Caviar, Initials LA and Sibylle Böttger

Retouching: In-house

  • Google Family Helpfulness