Camden’s most well-known and loved venue, the Roundhouse, have created a new campaign inviting people to ‘name a seat’. 

By choosing one of their donation amounts, people have the ability to add a fond memory, send a message to a loved one or title one of the Roundhouse’s seats, with the money raised being used to fund some of the creative programmes for young people between the ages of 11 and 30.

Bath-based design agency, Honest, commissioned me to create a set of images of people who have a close connection, or particular resonance, with the venue, whether being where they shared memories with people they’d lost, where they’d seen mind-blowing gigs or where they were beginning their working life, mentored through a youth programme, each person has a specific attachment to the Roundhouse, all photographed in iconic locations around the venue.

It was such a fun way to spend a day hearing and sharing stories of live music and why it was so important for everyone to be part of. I’ve been lucky to see some amazing shows at the Roundhouse, so I was so happy to be part of the project, thanks again for such a fun commission.

Client: Roundhouse

Agency: Honest

Art director: Dan Weeks

Production: Roundhouse

Retouching: Tom Hull

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