• A little help from many people

A little help from many people

During the summer of 2019 Google launched an app and a game aimed at helping parents control the security on their children's various smart devices.

I created these images, used as 48-sheet billboards, 6-sheet posters and full page ads in mainstream press, on the set of a TV advert, pulling the talent away from the film crew for an hour's use at a time. 

Working closely with the creative team from the Amsterdam office of 72andSunny, with Jakub Gloser and Dominic Hawgood assisting and with the keen eye of Sibylle Böttger watching the clock on production duties, we managed to create some lovely moments in a very short space of time.

The campaign was used widely across various media, many of the images seen publicly were photographed by friends and sent to me, as I was unfortunately unable to see them up for myself!