• A phoenix risen FRAHM the ashes

A phoenix risen FRAHM the ashes

I think it would be fair to say that when people go through difficult moments in their lives, or fall on hard times, it's perhaps those instances when they tend to hide away, to shield their friends, families and followers from the gritty truth of the situation.

One such person who has entirely bucked that trend, and in fact conversely been extremely vocal, open and honest about his situation, is Nick Hussey, ex-owner and founder of cycling apparel brand, Vulpine.

Having personally owned and loved a pair of Vulpine cycling shorts, when I heard the news that the business had gone bust, or at least the owner, Nick, had lost the business, I was quite shocked, it seemed to be doing amazingly well and was definitely very well regarded and liked in the industry. It was only recently, when 'someone' got in touch with me to shoot some portraits for a 'new jacket company', that that very someone turned out to be Nick, whom I then met in person, and he explained everything to me.

To cut a long story short, whilst changing fabric suppliers, Nick was given extremely inaccurate timescales about when a new season's fabric would be ready, so misleading that he completely missed a season's selling-window and in the process went bust, having to sell the company quickly. He then had a nervous breakdown, going through some immeasurably tough times trying to deal with everything and figure out where to go next.

To cut an even longer story shorter still, Nick then used all his experience in men's fashion design, tailoring and branding and decided to start a new clothing business, on a much more paired back, careful and it has to be said, conscious level. His new jacket company, FRAHM, was born.

The word 'frahm' derives from a medieval German word meaning 'noble; man of good character', which does indeed seem a fitting name for a brand forged out of awareness for others, the environment, but simultaneously, making sure one's own mind and health are considered and taken care of.

Nick set up the new business to recognise the importance of men's mental health awareness, and donates £10 from every sale to the mental health charity, Mind. I have been lucky enough to shoot with Nick on two occasions in the past few months, both times using 'real' guys, or at least not professional models, who live locally to Nick and myself in Somerset, keeping a wholly authentic and earnest direction to the photography.

FRAHM offers four jacket options, each with the same exceptionally high attention to detail, fabric selection and consistently impeccable construction in the manufacturing. Nick has a great eye for choosing some of the most interesting and occasionally unexpected shots from my edits, so I'm always so pleased to see how they've been used on the website, as well as the Instagram feed.

If you're in the market for an exceptional new jacket, look no further...believe me, they're incredible! I love mine, perhaps even more than my Vulpine shorts, but it's early days ;)