• A sense of well being

A sense of well being

Coinciding perfectly with my trip to Nepal, I received an email from an art director who used to be a client of mine, asking if I had any travel imagery I could potentially share for a new print publication they were working on.

As I sat on the plane, waiting to take off, my fingers hurriedly put together a reply to pass on the serendipitous news that I was about to embark on a trip to the foothills of the Himalayas, how lucky for us both!

On finding out that the crux of the new magazine, titled Beings, was 'the human side of travel', I was given even more encouragement to get the most out of my self-funded trip to Nepal than I had previously allowed.

I focused closely on the Nepali people and their various methods of cultivating and farming the land they live on, with a desire to see first-hand how much graft it truly takes when there's a necessity to work in order to survive.

On returning to the UK, I sent over the images I felt might be useful for the editorial, and was extremely honoured to have the shots selected, not only as a featured story for the inaugural issue, but also as the wonderful wrap-around cover.

It's a beautifully-crafted, independent magazine, printed on tactile, un-coated stock with a host of intriguing articles and photo essays. What a perfect way for me to show-case some of the shots from an extremely memorable trip to such a stunning, beguiling country.