• Analogue records

Analogue records

Maybe there's a hint of nostalgia about it, or something to do with the inherent texture within it's make-up, but there seems to be an honesty about shooting film that I just don't think digital media will ever fully compete with.

Whenever we take day trips, or little family holidays away, I pretty much always have my old Canon AE1 with me, it's such a lovely camera to work with.

Although this isn't the exact one I was initially bought at 16 (I sadly sold that one to buy 'the next thing up'...), I had to buy another one to remind myself of how and why I fell in love with photography all those years ago.

These are just a few images I pulled out from various rolls of film I've shot over the past year and a half, or so. Nothing more than observations whilst out and about with the family, but I love them, and they quickly help conjure memories of the fun times we've spent together.