• And that's a wrap...around

And that's a wrap...around

As by far my longest-standing client, the NSPCC have given me so much opportunity, freedom and space to work with such a wide array of children, parents, families and staff alike. It's always such an eye-opening experience talking with their highly skilled employees about their individual roles within the charity.

One such aspect of the work they're doing more and more of is sending volunteers into schools, allowing them to lead assemblies to huge numbers of children and teachers throughout the UK, it's an enormous undertaking as you can imagine.

I think by speaking directly to children of all ages, in a very intimate, inclusive setting such as their own schools, it allows children to feel relaxed and confident enough to speak up for themselves, should there be anything worrying them.

Luckily for me, an awareness of these nationwide school visits, and the work they do on a day to day basis, was given some extremely valuable air-time in the format of a wrap-around cover on the hugely well read Metro newspaper.