• Body worked, mind boggled

Body worked, mind boggled

Just as I was preparing to wrap presents, stuff the turkey and open the whisky, I had one final request before 2017 came to a close.

Being commissioned once more by Sunshine, to produce more work for the wonderful folk of Hotpod Yoga, I created a bank of new images to bring the key benefits of taking a class in a heated environment to the public's attention.

By putting together, and shooting in, an actual yoga class, I was able to record the participants working out, in an entirely genuine fashion.

Alongside watching the class being put into positions I'm sure I could never achieve, and whilst working in 37 degree heat, I'm fairly certain I sweated more than anyone else in the pod, an aspect of the shoot I definitely wanted my clients to witness!

Still, those who sweat together, stay together apparently, so let's see...