• Common people

Common people

Continuing their mission to make yoga accessible to as wide an audience as possible, Hotpod Yoga chose to highlight some of the broad cross section of clientele who regularly take their classes.

Through deliberately choosing to break down some of the pre-conceived notions of yoga, Hotpod sought to reflect their 'everyman' business model by shooting normal people, doing amazing things.

In an attempt to row around the British Isles, a four-man squad of British guys used Hotpod's classes to aid their attempt at breaking the record to row, unaided, around Great Britain.

The Common Oars team, holding down regular jobs, and with no previous ocean-rowing experience, began to train for the challenge and regularly used the heated 'pod' environment to help gain flexibility and build core strength.

Commissioned by Sunshine, I visited Penarth in south Wales, to spend a day with the team as they prepped and trained ahead of their epic journey. Four normal guys, attempting an especially abnormal feat, with the help of Hotpod Yoga!