• For the love of the craft

For the love of the craft

The learn-ed process of being patient as a photographer is something that begins when you first start making images; waiting for the right light, waiting for the right 'look' from your subject or on this occasion, waiting for a cyclist to be in the right spot.

One of the things that the digital evolution has sped up, or at least diminished dramatically, is the time that any photographer has to wait to see the results after they've made their images, and that, for certain is one of the most helpful aspects when shooting commercially in the current world in which we live.

That said, however, perhaps for the love of the 'look', the process or just the medium itself – the thing that I fell in love with all those years ago – it's still such a pleasure to shoot some aspects of my work on film. Shooting any images on film is definitely something that I still have to be patient with, and I'm so grateful for that luxury, no matter how much of a faff it is, in comparison to shooting digitally, I still love it!!

These are just a small set of images made on my Hasselblad 503CW and the very first camera I was bought before my A-levels, a Canon AE1. What I love about shooting film is the set number of images on a roll, the habitual, finger-based processes of handling the cameras and changing the rolls of film, it beautifully slows both the thoughtful and practical aspects of photography down, and the aesthetic is always so lovely, so I know I need to shoot more film, purely for my own passion. And why not, eh?!