• From farm to food

From farm to food

As we become more aware of our lasting footprint-legacy on the planet, many companies feel it their duty to prove the sustainable provenance of their goods to their customers, to help inform their buying knowledge, and rightly so.

I think, the more we become tuned into the effect that farming methods and associated traditions have on food, which become the ingredients to our cooking and eating, the more we should take note of how that produce is grown and sourced.

Lidl have been sending me on various farm-visits around the UK to meet and document a broad selection of their suppliers, from dairy and beef farmers in vast countryside fields, to endless lines of apple trees in stunningly-kept orchards, as well as inside giant greenhouses for producing the most perfect tomatoes, each site has been an incredible privilege to visit, with so much to learn and take from.

These are a few of the more recent spreads that are published in their in-house magazine, allowing customers a little glimpse into the worlds of the exceptionally hard working farmers and growers providing the goods to the stores.