• Gallery at The Station

Gallery at The Station

During the autumn of 2020 I moved out of my existing office and into a space housed within an old industrial building, situated very close to Frome train station in Somerset.

I was given free rein to fabricate a new office space at the back of the unit, and did so alongside a group of four fellow-creatives, who work across illustration, branding and graphic design.

Our offices were built by a very talented local builder and carpenter, Alex Milner, and in order to keep the general costs down a little, we all threw ourselves into helping Alex on the builds.

When we came to finish the offices, we realised that one large span of wall outside our offices could become the interior of a small event-cum-gallery-space, so as the next tenant moved in and created a third wall for us, 'all' we had to do, in order to create a small, multi-purpose venue, was to section off the area with some large 3x1m panes of glass – simple. Combined with some white paint and some sexy LED track-lighting, we were then the proud co-owners of our own unique little gallery space!

Through various connections and conversations, I was given access to show a paired-down iteration of the very well-received show, We Feed the World, originally commissioned by charity, the Gaia Foundation and curated by ex-Telegraph picture editor, Cheryl Newman.

I put together a smaller version of the show, selecting fewer groups of images from a selection of the 50 photographers who were shown in London, but I wanted to use all the available space within the industrial building – now called The Station – leading down the corridor, up to the new gallery space.

The show is comprised of beautiful photographic essays, shot in numerous locations the world over, each showcasing small-holder farmers and growers in their native environments. Bringing together an incredible roster of world-renowned editorial photographers, the exhibition truly was a feast for the eyes!

It was such an honour to have been given not only the ability to open our own little independent space, in a thriving, artistic town like Frome, but also to have access to further-curate a small version of such a versatile and varied collection of standout photography. Yes, it's a step away from making my own images, but what a pleasure and a privilege to have had any part to play in this wonderful project's existence.

I shot these images of the corridor and gallery install a couple of days before we were due to open on 1st July 2021. If you would like to find out more about the whole project, click here, or for more information about the Gaia Foundation, follow the link here.