• Keeping it local

Keeping it local

I moved out of London 2 years ago and now live in Frome, a small town in the west country, about 9 miles south of Bath. 

One of the best things about living here is the ease of getting about, for years I'd painstakingly dragged myself around London, considering an hour's ride on a tube or a train or a bus a totally normal part of life. Now, after a little getting used to, I absolutely love how easy it is to travel large distances with very little in the way of frustration, it's bloomin great!

Another fun aspect of living in this town is how amazingly creative, independent and collaborative it is, people are always willing to help each other and work together, it's such a nice thing to be a part of.

Recently I was able to help out a good friend of mine, Alex Hunt, who runs an independent trainer and clothing shop called Gent Street Sneakers on Frome's most well known shopping street, Catherine Hill.

Wanting to reference and utilise the local talent, Alex asked me if I could shoot a range of his friends and contacts in one of the most interesting, old areas in Frome, Saxonvale. The old industrial site has been vacant and derelict for 30 years, but is about to be overhauled in a huge regeneration of the area.

We spent a day with a sack full of clothes, some gorgeous young people, an abundance of glorious sunshine and made some unique pictures for the shop's website amongst the dilapidated, ruined buildings. It was great fun.