• Knowledge is power-ful

Knowledge is power-ful

With such a breadth and wealth of talented sports-people in London, it's no wonder that many of them focus their passions and pastimes, away from their chosen sports, within the welcome and well-known walls of Nike Town, the mega-brand's flagship UK store.

Tasked with creating a new campaign to highlight the employees and their incredible knowledge-base within select areas of sport, BMB agency commissioned me to create a set of images that would bring these individual characters to life, in situ.

I worked alongside film-maker, Tom Day, creating believable scenes where employees would interact with their customers, sharing not only their intimate knowledge of their specific sport, but also the many, varied product ranges of Nike's extensive stock.

Beginning at 5pm on a Sunday afternoon, we shot through the night, with many a delirious eye-rub at 3am in the morning, eventually wrapping the shoot as the sun rose at 6am, stumbling out into the awakening back streets of very central London, what a night that was!