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Luxury design

Kelly Hoppen is known in the design world for her clean, graphic and calming transformations of a wide variety of interiors. More recently, though, it was her two year stint on BBC 2's Dragons Den that brought her to the attention of the wider mainstream public.

Kelly is known for her use of a muted colour-pallet in the majority of her work, inspired, she says, by Eastern cultures; the order and creation of harmony.

Lately, Kelly has been working with luxury hotel chain, LUX*, on their Mauritius-based hotels, the most recent being Grand Gaube, which opened its doors last December. 

I was commissioned by design agency, & Smith, who produce LUX*'s in-house magazine, to visit Kelly in her west London studio, making a set of informal portrait studies, as she worked closely with her team.

The images run alongside a short piece about how she went about developing the design for the new luxury hotel.