• Moto. Mud. Mayhem

Moto. Mud. Mayhem

 You been to watch much motocross before, he asked. It's kind of like the Glastonbury of dirt-biking, he said. It's absolutely crazy, he concluded...

I simply had to go, who wouldn't? With those torturous, tempting tidbits of information ringing in my ears, and with a conscious decision not to research the event so it was more of a surprise, an old friend, Ben, took me to the 2017 Motocross of Nations event, at Matterley Basin, Winchester.

And WOW, it was huge, which definitely was a surprise! There were dedicated motocross fans from all over the world, and if there was any one aspect that made a close association with recent years at Glastonbury, it would have had to be the very wet weather - and of course the accompanying mud. So much mud. But that only made for a much more amusing and ridiculous day out!

I took a camera and a 40mm prime lens with me, just because I had to, and ended up throwing myself amongst the obsessive fans, surrounded by the endless revving of deafeningly-loud dirt bike engines, chainsaws with no blades, air horns and anything else that made a very, very loud noise, it was amazing!!

It turned out to be a fantastic year for team GB, with Max Anstie winning both of his races and putting Britain in third place overall, their first spot on the podium for over 20 years.