• Notes from le Tour

Notes from le Tour

Having managed to source childcare in the form of the eager grandparents, Laura and I hopped in the van, took a very early train through the Channel Tunnel, popping out in France and made our way down into Belgium.

Earlier on, I'd worked out the shortest distance we could travel in order to witness the spectacle of arguably the most well known cycling race in the world, the Tour de France. 

It turned out that if we headed to Liège, deep in the heart of Belgium, one of cycling's spiritual homes, for roughly the highest point of the 2017 tour's second stage, we'd be gifted the opportunity to soak in the atmosphere amongst the waiting fans and take in the theatre of the caravan as it sped past.

I spent a while walking up and down the section of route we'd settled on, speaking to fans from all corners of the world, many of whom I photographed where they sat or stood, waiting for the riders.

Sadly, the weather closed in and we all got soaked, but it made for some stunning moments. It's such an addictive way to see such talented athletes up close. 

After heading into town to catch some of the dismantling of the finishing area, we drove down to Verviers to catch the beginning of stage three the following day, and we loved every minute of the chase..!