• Research. Support. Care.

Research. Support. Care.

Creating a new life with a partner should be one of our most incredible human experiences, but for so many, that may not be so true. Stillbirths and infant deaths occur for a variety of reasons, and although a lot is already known as to why this happens, there is still an ongoing process to help prevent it from happening.

As many as 1 in 4 babies are lost in pregnancy, childbirth and the early stages of life, but with the help of baby charity Tommy's, there is a major resource to turn to for help and support at an impossibly tragic time.

As the leading charity in this field, Tommy's carries out ground-breaking research into how and why various cases of miscarriage, premature birth and infant death occur. They also provide close, in-depth care to individuals and families dealing with the awful loss of a baby.

I spent a day at their amazing facility in Manchester, documenting some of the families, the doctors and nurses at their place of work, creating a pool of images the charity could use on their website and for printed promotional material.