• Room to play

Room to play

In January 2018, I was commissioned by TBWA Belgium, through my agent in Antwerp, Initials LA, to produce a set of new images for the largest TV and broadband provider in Belgium, Telenet.

As part of Telenet's 'Play' campaign, using play-on words, really only making sense if you have a sound understanding of Flemish, we produced believable vignettes based around a lived-in family home. All members of a family were situated in various rooms of a house, where they would all have access to watch either a television, or mobile device.

With great help from a set dresser, stylist, hair and make-up artist, producers, an assistant and a very well-cast family, including a couple of additional children, we had a busy couple of days in a stunning location, which used to be a diamond-cutting and polishing factory in it's past life.

It was as much a challenge to reinvent the spaces of the rooms again and again, to realise the art director, Geert's vision, as it was to craft interesting, new ways of lighting the shots.

I wanted the images to have a very cinematic feel, with each shot being a specific representation of a certain time of day, and allowing for such a large space to work in, I was gifted the chance to really play with this campaign. These are a handful of the full collection, which will be added to my main site very soon.