• Sad, but true

Sad, but true

On the 1st August, just before I went away to France and during a very warm spell in London, I was tasked with the challenge of realising and visualising a very sad, but unfortunately true story of child neglect, for the NSPCC's Christmas Appeal campaign.

The images accompany a letter recently sent out to established donors nationwide, and I include both the full images, as we shot on that day in Hackney, as well as the envelope layout and the letter people would have received in October.

It's a very stark, humbling story of a TV engineer, Brad, on a routine visit to a home, but upon arriving, having been greeted with the overwhelming stench of urine, and needing to wade through piles of rubbish, he then noticed a little girl amongst the rubbish, clutter and detritus. 

The girl was extremely dirty, frail and had clearly been in that state for a long time. These situations, although not ones we hear about very often, are apparent right throughout the UK. For that reason, it's fundamental we bring them to the public's attention, even though they are hard to comprehend, digest and know how to deal with.