• Shooting with Gousto

Shooting with Gousto

We're all leading busier lives, leaving less time to spend on selecting the appropriate ingredients for a well balanced dish at every meal. There comes a solution however, in the form of food recipe boxes which are hand picked and packed to a customer's own specific requirements.

One such company who are at the forefront of the revolutionary take on day-to-day food prep, is Gousto. With a solid reputation, and well known for supplying a wide range of recipes, always including the freshest ingredients, Gousto have just teamed up with the hugely well loved Asian restaurant, Wagamama.

I worked closely with the creative director, as well as a team of in-house designers and art directors to realise a collection of lighthearted, fun everyday scenes based around cooking in a family home.

Some of the 'family cooking together in the kitchen' shots have just started being used on Gousto's website and Instagram feeds and I will be sharing more from the shoot very soon.