• Staying Supple

Staying Supple

I'd been introduced and recommended to designer Jamie Ellul by a couple of unrelated people, so it was great to meet up with him in his well award-adorned Supple Studio in Bath last year.

When I went to meet Jamie for the first time, even before I'd laid my portfolio on the desk, he told me he'd already put me forward for a job, which was obviously amazing, and quite surreal, but nonetheless a very lovely thing to have been told when meeting a new, prospective client!

We weren't able to work on that job together, but Jamie has since asked me back to see him, this time asking me to make some honest, incidental portraits and studio-studies of the team in the studio environment.

The shots will be used for a variety of things, including an update of their website, and to be printed in a book they're working on. A very nice way to spend a morning's work, in such an interesting and creative space with some very welcoming and funny individuals!