• Sweet dreams

Sweet dreams

When the original brief for this came in to my agent, and I was in the running for the job, I thought "this will never happen, there's nowhere near enough time to get everything together..." But thankfully, it turns out, after all these years, I was completely wrong.

In just over two weeks we went from finishing a pitch treatment, to being commissioned, on to sourcing a stage big enough, instructing a set builder, casting numerous models, arranging all the props, hiring enough lighting, booking travel and accommodation and managed to pull the whole job together in what must be record time!

Over the last full working week in December, shooting in a massive TV studio in Belgium, we managed to design, set dress, style, light and shoot a huge variety of different images for Belgium's largest independently-owned toy and homewares shop, Dreamland.

The shots have been used for OOH ads, brochure covers and inserts, online and just about anywhere they could be! This was all made possible, in no small part, by the amazing team at my agents, Initials LA in Antwerp, and with our incredibly dedicated people on set everyday, from my assistant Dominic, to the lighting company Sodium, set and props dressers, hair and make up artists, stylists, runners, rain machine handlers and everyone else in between. THANK YOU ALL FOR MAKING THIS HAPPEN, it was pretty crazy wasn't it!!