The Wright family have been involved in the manufacture of steel scissors since the 1800s, establishing the company name in Sheffield, the birth-place of stainless steel, in 1902. They have been synonymous with producing the highest quality, hand-finished scissors in the UK ever since.

Throughout it's illustrious existence to date, the company has been run and managed by 5 generations of the same family, with the continued preservation of many original methods and techniques associated with producing scissors.

Of the current workforce, 2 of it's longest-standing members have been employed by the company for over 50 years independently. Known in the trade as 'master putter-togetherers', using mainly their trained eyes and indeed ears, feeling the way the scissors move and function, every aspect of the build is carefully finished by hand to a world renowned, exacting standard.

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  • Made in Great Britain: Ernest Wright & Sons