08.20 (Eight Twenty) is a short personal project created every day throughout August 2020.

It was a busy summer month for me, during a period of immense unease, unrest and vulnerability in not only the microcosm of the UK, but throughout the wider world as well.

Beginning locally in Frome, I shot at least one image every day, no matter where I was or what I was doing that day. With a bit of travel around the south west, the south coast, London and the midlands, I hoped the project would become a memory of a highly obscure moment in time, with a look at what it is to be British, or living in Britain, amid the unstable nature of a global pandemic.

I wanted to reflect on various types of British locations and landscapes, meet and talk to a diverse mix of people living and working in Britain, as well as reference a few of the activities that I got up to with my family. I love the little eccentricities of life, and of what it is, for me, to be British.

Even though Covid-19 was still very much an issue faced by people across the world, I didn’t want the series to be driven purely by that; it was of clear relevance, but not the sole purpose of reflecting on my immediate surroundings.

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