I have been working closely with the NPSCC over the course of the past year, and was honoured to have been asked to photograph all the visual content for their upcoming, imminent rebrand.

Following the success of their well-recognised 'Full Stop' campaign, the public were made aware of the difficulties faced in combatting child abuse. However, following recent research it emerged that people had perhaps become slightly disillusioned by how the organisation was tackling the issue.

The NSPCC recognised that in order to engage with a wide public audience in a more contemporary fashion, they would need to focus the direction of the charity on the beneficial outcomes of their work.

By concentrating mainly on ways in which childhood could be shaped positively, the hope is for people to acknowledge that with the NSPCC's help, children's lives could be addressed accordingly and moved away from abusive situations.

Over the course of 2014, with the help of Still Productions, we scouted, cast and produced a number of shoots through which we would create the content for the NSPCC's new identity and approach.

Client: NSPCC

CD: Nikki Humphreys

AD: Sue Hornsby

Production: Still Productions

Stylist: Lydia Kovacs