Established in 1986 by Esther Rantzen as a platform for children and teenagers to freely voice their concerns, Childline seeks to help anyone with a worry, about almost anything, up to the age of 19.

Operating a 24 hour confidential counselling service allows children access to a trained professional, in a manner giving them the assured knowledge that their conversations will not be shared.

In line with a rebrand of the charity, who partnered with the NSPCC in 2006, I worked closely with the in-house design team to produce a large archive of material for both the new website and various other platforms.

The images seek to reflect everyday children in situations they will easily relate to when viewed online. As the starting place for many vulnerable children to seek help, it was imperative the tone of voice was accurately and sensitively portrayed.

Client: Childline

CD: Sue Hornsby

AD: Alison Bowman + Nicola Woowat

Production: Still Productions

Stylist: Lydia Kovacs

Hair / make-up: Sam Norman

Retouching: The Forge

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