A day-to-day document of a modern family working, schooling and surviving from home during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

Everything in these images is completely natural; un-staged, un-styled and documented exactly as it happened. In essence, it's the most authentic and honest portrayal of our new way of family life.

If you would like to download a full set from each post you can do so by clicking HERE, but you'll need to contact me for the password firstly as they are protected, for obvious reasons.

I'd love to talk anything you've seen here through with you, whether you wish to license any from these new, ongoing sets, or have a brief of your own, let's allow the creative juices to flow - somehow!

I hope you're all keeping safe, this is simply my personal attempt at staying afloat during these unknown and turbulent times.

Many thanks, Tom.

  • COVID-19 - A Family Diary