My partner Laura and I were already lucky parents to two amazing girls, and although we'd never really spoken about it, I think because we both came from a family of three siblings, that possibly we felt we weren't quite finished having babies yet.

We'd had a fairly turbulent couple of years prior, whilst moving locations entirely from our previous London base, so we'd never considered trying for an additional child. After an 8 month stay with my parents, we were fortunate enough to buy our first property in Frome, Somerset, so shortly found ourselves feeling a lot more stable and settled.

Maybe it was because we had a few friends locally who'd had two children, left a small gap and decided upon a third, or perhaps it was because, in her own words, Laura had said she wanted to be pregnant, and feel 'those' feelings one more time. Who knows, but either way we opted to give it a go and try for a third baby.

After successfully conceiving fairly quickly, Laura unfortunately hadn't found the pregnancy as comfortable and enjoyable as the previous two. She had high blood pressure throughout, but toward the end of the term things suddenly took a turn for the worse.

Due to her ongoing health issues, Laura had been having regular growth scans, and on a day when I was working in London, after a routine check, she called me and told me that the baby's growth had stopped increasing and that her blood pressure was so high that there was a very high chance of needing to deliver the baby by caesarean section that day. Wow. That was an intense three hour drive from London to Bath!

Following a week in hospital, on a cocktail of three powerful drugs attempting to lower and stabilise Laura, as she was becoming preeclamptic, unfortunately there wasn't as significant a change as the doctors wanted to see. The only option remaining was then to deliver the baby by having a scheduled caesarean section performed.

On 24th February 2019 our third baby daughter was delivered almost 5 weeks premature, weighing just 4lbs, at Bath RUH hospital by an incredible team of midwives, anaesthetists, surgeons and neonatal doctors. I was invited and encouraged to be present during the operation, and was also fortunate enough to document the whole procedure as it happened, recording Ren Juno Hull's very first breath in the world. The whole event was quite magical, thank you to everyone involved.

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