Nestled in Nepal's high Himalayas is the well-trodden Annapurna region, hosting many of the world's highest mountain peaks, enticing climbing and trekking enthusiasts from all over the world.

Although many local businesses and industries thrive on the annual influx of tourists, the wide majority of people who inhabit in this region live on what they can grow and sell, and do so in close proximity to their immediate environment, cultivating and maintaining their land simply in order to survive.

I wanted to record a slice of everyday life for the beautiful people of the region, exactly as I was lucky enough to meet them; humble, welcoming and extremely hard-working.

In Annapurna's Shadow seeks to highlight how the Nepali people of this breath-taking area work the land, literally from birth to death. I wanted to discover how they build their houses, live their lives, grow their crops and raise their families.

In truth, I wanted to find what 'normal' felt like for them, and although vastly different to my own 'normal' in many ways, there were numerous occasions when the plain fact that we were all just humans making the best of our time on our shared planet was the purest and simplest connection I could find.

  • In Annapurna's Shadow