Doing a job you love is such a privilege. Working for clients and brands you love, is such a privilege. Working with some of your oldest mates, is also, an amazing privilege. Roll them all into one hum-dinger of a commission and you get a LEGO x Sainsbury's 'swap-card' night shoot! 

Tim Wetherall and Jon Evans have been working together for years, I've known Tim since I was 17 years old, for over 20 years now, so whenever we get to work together, it never really feels like work, which is obviously so lucky!

Tim and Jon, otherwise known as WE Direct, create stunning commercial ads, often with large slices of humour and technical difficulty thrown into the equation. This was a classic combination of both: stop-frame animation of actual LEGO characters, Lily and Sam.

Shot through the night in a north London Sainsbury's, and after painstaking hours, and endless fiddles, tweaks and adjustments, the characters are brought to life in these lighthearted, fun, short films to advertise the cards being available in stores again.

  • LEGO x Sainsbury's