The main focus of the NSPCC's ethos is to highlight that childhood should be one made of fond memories, of enjoyment and happiness, positively shaping us into the adults we become.

The charity hopes that with their help, the abusive situations that some children face are memories that won't form part of their make-up in later years.

Alongside producing hopeful, confident but lighthearted imagery to sculpt the new feel for the charity's direction, it was also fundamental to make a set of images which brought neglectful situations to the fore.

Abuse can, and does, happen to a wide range of children, not solely those on the poverty line, so it was necessary to represent a diverse cross-section of children from various backgrounds in this body of quiet, somber images.

Client: NSPCC

CD: Nikki Humphreys

AD: Sue Hornsby

Production: Still Productions

Stylist: Lydia Kovacs

Hair / make-up: Sam Norman