Art director, Tom Watt, had the enviable task of weighing up the balance between hypothetical desires and actual requirements when purchasing his new bike, finally settling on a build by British brand, Colourbolt.

Colourbolt’s owner, Jay Pond-Jones, brings together some of the best in British bicycle manufacturing, starting with a fitting and design consultation at North London’s Mosquito Bikes. I followed this intriguing journey for PORT Magazine.

After the specific geometry and customisation has been finalised at Mosquito, the design was passed to renowned British frame builder, Robin Mather, in Bristol.

Constructing the frame out of Columbus steel, he uses the fillet brazing technique to bring the tubes together, before it’s handed over to Richard Pink of Willow Powder Coating in Mitcham, Surrey.

The raw-steel frame is shot-blasted, primed and coated with the powder, before going into a huge kiln to be heat-treated, bringing the matt black powder to a beautifully-textured, totally seamless finish.

Finally, the frame returns to Roger Graver at Mosquito, who fits the bike with the forks, wheelset, finishing kit and accessories. The result is a totally unique, fully bespoke, hand-crafted bicycle, fabricated entirely in the UK.

Client: PORT Magazine / Colourbolt Bicycles

Agency: Field Projects

AD: Tom Watt

  • PORT × Colourbolt