Belgium's largest broadband provider, Telenet, chose a fun, quirky concept to launch their new 'Play' campaign. Highlighting the current ability to view, stream and catch up on our favourite shows anywhere we like, the imagery makes the most of every ounce of space within a contemporary family home.

By using play-on words, which really only make perfect sense in Dutch, each scene is comprised of two words which allude to watching something on a device, taking them away from what the person should otherwise be doing. For instance, the opening image, Sunblockbuster, hinges on the fact the young girl has chosen to lock away the beautiful sunny day, in favour of watching her preferred programme on the television.

Another scene, with the parents in bed, plays on the fact they've put the children's favourite show on the television in the lounge, giving themselves some time alone in bed, I'll leave it at that! From calling in sick, staying in bed to catch up with your favourite soaps, to 'cheating' on your wife, watching the next episode of your shared box-set passion while she sleeps, the whole concept is very tongue-in-cheek and makes amazing use of the present-day ways in which we choose to watch our best-loved shows.

Working alongside an amazing team of set dressers, stylists, producers and assistants, we were able to play on the idea of a very modern family, using technology in a totally contemporary fashion, reimagining each room in the home by stripping everything out and starting afresh for each shot, great fun! 

Client: Telenet

Agency: TBWA Belgium

AD: Geert Feytons

Production: Initials LA

Retouching: The Forge

  • Telenet Play